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Theatre Group Studio, a Los Angeles acting class Playhouse, offers  a Method Acting Workshop  where the principles of the Stanislavski Method are employed in a workshop environment. 

Once each week the company meets to have work reviewed, critiqued, and directed by Lorinne Vozoff, the Artistic Director of Theatre Group Studio.

The workshop is open only to members of the studio.  Membership is determined through interview and audition.

You are invited to audition for membership
in Theatre Group Studio

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Lorinne Vozoff, Theatre Group Studio, Los Angeles

Constantin Stanislavski

Eleanor Duse

Harold Clurman and Jack Garfein

Constantin Stanislavski

Constantin Stanislavski defined a Method that allows the actor to access his or her feelings without directly "demanding" the psyche to produce them. Since  it is the responsibility of the actor to find the truth in imaginary circumstances, it is essential that the actor identify his or her feelings that are analogous with the character's. 

Stanislavski proved that these personal feelings could be lured from the unconscious of the actor through a specific technique. Regardless of today's many and varied accepted styles of acting representational, presentational,  mechanical, exploitative―the principles of Stanislavski's Method acting continue to produce the truest creative art.

Eleonora Duse

The late, great Eleonora Duse was an Italian actress who embodied the character of a play. Her process has not been duplicated nor even defined, but she continues to inspire all Method actors.

Harold Clurman and Jack Garfein

The founder of Group Theatre in the 1930's,  Clurman was a director, writer and all-around "man of the theatre". One of his famous quotes was "The first law of the theatre is Action. The second law of the theatre is Action. The third law of the theatre is Action. Action. Acting. Actor. Action."

Jack Garfein is a director in both theatre and film, a teacher par excellence and "Maestro" to those fortunate enough to have studied with him. He was the force behind The Actors and Directors Lab in both Los Angeles and New York as well as the artistic director of The Harold Clurman Theatre in New York. He now lives and teaches in Paris.

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